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Personalised Digital Learning Programme

The Personalised Digital Learning Programme at Riverside aims to empower students to be self-directed learners who have the motivation and drive to pursue learning. We also want to nurture collaborative learners who connect with others to develop collective knowledge space. PDLP @Riverside works in tandem with Riverside iExperience, a collection of programmes that provides a holistic approach in developing students’ digital literacies and cultivating healthy habits in the use of technology. Riverside iExperience takes reference from and integrates the goals of the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) and the CCE 2021 syllabus to guide Riversidians into becoming proficient and responsible digital learners.

Students’ personal learning devices (PLD) are used in-class, out of class and at home to support their self-directed and collaborative learning. These experiences feature face-to-face lessons conducted in class and online assignments to be completed online individually or in groups. Teachers leverage on the Singapore Student Learning Space platform to design the lessons. Suitable applications for student use are curated, such as the National Library Board app to access a range of digital books and magazines during Reading Periods. PLD learning routines for note-taking, calendaring and reminders are also introduced to enable students to monitor their own learning, enhancing their personal efficiency and effectiveness.

In tandem with the roll-out of the Personal Learning Devices (PLDs), students are given opportunities to acquire technical and productivity skills through workshops and sharing sessions to prepare them to better navigate the digital age. Selected students are also developed into subject matter experts in the technical aspects of their PLDs. These leaders, called ICT Ambassadors also serve as role models and custodians in the online space. Furthermore, a series of assembly programmes, student-led initiatives and school-based competitions are also interspersed throughout the year to excite and empower students to do their part in cyber wellness to be safe and responsible users of technology.

Collaboration made easy with PLDs.jpg
Collaboration made easy with our PLDs!
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My iExperience -- learning how to mark-up and annotate