Physical Education

PE Department


Nurturing Champions in Life

Mission Statement

Every student an active and physically competent individual, anchored on school values (RSp2Irit) to enjoy a lifetime of healthy living.

Unit Objectives

We strive to create high quality PE experience to nurture students who:

  • understand that PE and physical activities are an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle
  • have the confidence to be involved in PE and physical activities
    acquire the skills and control that they need to take part in PE and physical activities
  • willingly participates in a range of competitive, creative and challenge-type activities, both as individuals and as part of a team or group
  • show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their own abilities
  • enjoy PE and school

Programme and Highlights for 2018

Semester 1

Semester 2

Lets Play @ Recess Lets Play @ Recess
Sports Module 1 (Captain's Ball, Frisbee, Floorball and Handball) Outdoor Education (Sec 1 & 2)
Fitness and Conditioning Module

Sports Assesment (Sec 1-3)

  • Sec 1 - Badminton Skills, game concept and Theory
  • Sec 2 - Badminton Skills, game concept and Theory
  • Sec 3 - Softball Skills, game concept and Theory
Sec 3 Outdoor Adventure Camp

Sports Module 2 (Sec 4 & 5)

  • Sec 4 - Volleyball
  • Sec 5 - Tag Rugby
Sports Carnival
Riverside Run
NAPFA Assessment Post  Exam Interclass Games (Sec 1-3)
Sports Enrichment - Archery (Sec 4 & 5) Sports Enrichment (Sec 1-3)

Sports Carnival

The Sports Carnival will is held annually within the compounds of the school. This inter-class competition provides a platform for the students to apply the skills and values they have learnt during Physical Education lessons. Every student will be part of a team that competes in an array of activities. The secondary one level will compete in Captain’s ball; the secondary two level will attempt to score points in Ultimate (competitive Frisbee); secondary threes will showcase stick and ball work in Floorball; the graduating students will try their best in their Handball games. However, encouraging healthy competition between classes is only a part of the Sports Carnival experience. The whole school will observe the rites of the Opening Ceremony by witnessing the torch relay and reciting the player’s oath. For students who are unable to compete in the physical games, a variety of health games is also put together to encourage inclusiveness. No stone is left unturned to involve every child. To cap off the event would be the staging of the “Staff vs Students” challenge where teams comprising of the school staff and the student teams compete with each other to win the challenge plate. The atmosphere is always Electric!

Sec 3 Outdoor Adventure

The Sec 3 Adventure Learning Camp involves the Form Teachers, Year Head of the Upper Secondary level, PE Teachers and the entire Sec 3 cohort. This camp aims to cultivate Riversidians into individuals who exude resilience and perseverance. They will experience decision-making processes as they take on leadership roles during the 3 days 2 nights camp. The camp also looks to fostering team work and bonding through various challenging outdoor activities. As they conquer the rope courses with the help of their classmates, navigate with the use of compasses and maps and making sure no man gets left behind while scaling the rock wall, students will see that friendship and team work indeed allow them to achieve great things. Riversidians will also emerge stronger, tougher and more resilient.

Healthy Bites

Every first Friday of the month, students will be given a healthy snack or drink during recess.  The students learn about the health benefits of these items and get to share the knowledge and food with their family and friends.  On certain months, the healthy bites will be tied with a National Education massage. For example, dates were given to all students during the Ramadan period and Mandarin oranges during the Chinese New Year month.  Not only do students learn the benefits of such healthy food, they also learn to appreciate the culture and tradition of various ethnic groups while consuming these foods.

Post Exam Inter-class games

Interclass games are one of the highlights of school post-exam activities. This is a platform for students to have competition against other classes and at the same time, showcase their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship which they have acquired during their sports assessment module in Semester 2 PE lessons.


Basketball Interclass (Sec 1)


Interclass Badminton Game (Sec 2)

Enrichment Programme

At Riverside Secondary School, we offer a lot more than academic excellence. We offer a wide range of activities to all students from all year groups. Enrichment helps students to develop their interests and abilities, provides valuable learning experiences outside their studies, and promotes independence and interpersonal links with students in other classes.