Character and Citizenship Education

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A. CCE Framework


B. Integration of National Education with Character Development


At the core of the CCE Framework is the school’s focus on the inculcation of the school core values, RSp²Irit (Riverside’s Passion, Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity and Team spirit in every Individual), National Education messages and the development of social-emotional competencies.

The Character Development Programme addresses the Social and Moral Domain of Riverside’s LAM2PS framework (Leadership, Aesthetics, Mental, Physical, Social and Moral) and seeks to develop Riversidians to be individuals with good character and social-emotional competencies. The National Education Programme seeks to imbue Riversidians with a sense of rootedness to Singapore and to develop them to be concerned citizens.

CCE is thus integrated across curricular and co-curricular programmes such as Instructional Programmes (subject teaching), Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Values in Action, Student Leadership Programme, Healthy Lifestyle Programme, Form Teacher period and Level Camps.


CCE framework 2015


D.  I3 CCE Framework


  • Involve : Whole-School Involvement
  • Integrate : Integration across curricular and co-curricular programmes
  • Improve : Review and monitoring to improve on existing programmes

CCE Highlights

Involve - Whole School Involvement

School Leaders
Set direction and provide support
CCE Commitee
Drive and review programme
Implement and role-model
Provide support and role-model
 Studen Leaders
Translate school values
Mentor and provide opportunities


Form Teacher Period

Form Teacher (FT) periods provide the platform for the form teacher/co-form teacher to have a one-to-one dialogue session with every student in his/her class.  This aims to build up a positive teacher-student relationship and thus creates a more meaningful and engaging learning experience for every student.

Integrate - Integration across curricular and co-curricular programmes

CCE Chronicles

Published monthly, the CCE Chronicles are used by teachers in class to raise awareness for current affairs and engage their students in active class discussion.

cce chronicles

cce chronicles2


CCE Lessons

CCE lessons are conducted weekly by the form teachers/co-form teachers whereby values, knowledge and skills for Character and Citizenship are explicitly taught to students.


Group discussion during CCE lesson


Using the ECG Portal


CCE Forum

The CCE Forums are conducted annually for all levels. The objective is to engage the students in active citizenry and critical thinking in CCE matters.

Sec 3 CCE Forum

Sec 3 CCE Forum


Sec 1 CCE Forum

Sec 1 CCE Forum


CCE Through the Arts

The ‘Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Through the Arts’ is a level inter-class competition for students to demonstrate their creative expressions of CCE through performances as they worked to put together song and dance performances that expressed various CCE values.

Sec 1 CCE Through the Arts

Sec 1 CCE Through the Arts


Sec 3 CCE Through the Arts

Sec 3 CCE Through the Arts



Commemorative Days

Celebration of commemorative days provides an opportunity for the students to reflect on Singapore journey to nationhood and appreciate and uphold peace and prosperity in Singapore.

Learning Journey

Learning Journey provides opportunities for the students to understand that hard work, the desire to excel, and readiness to take calculated risks, have allowed Singapore to overcome many constraints which a small city-state has to face.

Values in Action (VIA)

Riverside comprehensive VIA structure enhances a sense of community identity through VIA activities and influences students to make the choice to volunteer.

Improve - Review and monitoring to improve on existing programmes

improve table

Service Learning

Service learning cultivates social responsibility and enriches the students' learning experience. If you are keen to carry out such projects, please use the documents below to plan for the project.

Service Learning Slides
VIA Handout
VIA Proposal Template
Student’s Reflection