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Applied Learning Programme

Riverside’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Global Citizenship Education through Critical Social Inquiry (CSI), seeks to develop students into lifelong learners anchored in values, attitudes and behaviours that support responsible global citizenship.

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is a way of understanding, acting and relating oneself to others and the environment in space and in time, based on universal values, through respect for diversity and pluralism. The critical social inquiry (CSI) approach facilitates the creation and understanding of deeper knowledge with citizenship outcomes.

The CSI approach is used to make learning relevant and authentic as it allows students to explore global issues, learn to empathise and be empowered as they initiate projects.

Students critically inquire:

1.     Why am I doing this?                        Understanding the subject matter.
2.     Why what I do matter?                     Finding my voice.
3.     What is my place in the world?      Understanding the world around us.

4.     What is happening around me?     Finding out more about the cause. 

In ALP lessons, students explore a range of global issues based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Students think and speak critically as they develop in-depth knowledge and critical understandings about these issues. In the current context, lessons have been modified to be immediately relevant as students are encouraged to develop greater understanding on the global COVID-19 pandemic and how students can be responsible decision makers for sustainable living. 

An invaluable opportunity to interact with migrant workers.jpg

An invaluable opportunity to interact with migrant workers

Representing the school 10th Annual Design for Change Singapore Challenge 2019.jpg

Representing the school at the 10th Design for Change Challenge

Sharing the class project on national security with Mr Amrin during Qihua InnoFest 2019.jpg

Sharing the class project on national security with Mr Amrin at the Qihua Innofest