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The Riverside Experience

Through the distinctive offerings and experiences at Riverside Secondary, we envision our graduates to be 

          Ethical Leaders;

          Creative Persons; 

          Compassionate and Active Citizens; and 

          World-Ready Digital Learners.

Our Applied Learning Programme invites Riversidians to explore pertinent issues and empathise with the affected communities, before equipping them with the thinking and tools to be agents of change. Our Learning for Life Programme provides many opportunities for Riversidians to enjoy and experience a broad spectrum of arts to develop their creativity and versatility, while encouraging them to gain mastery in specific art forms. 

With the integration of CCE 2021 that anchors on our school values, RS SPIRIT, and the Personalised Digital Learning Programme in Riverside for one to one learning that empowers the student to curate, connect and create using technologies, we nurture our students to be future-ready. With the quality education at Riverside Secondary, Riversidians possess the dispositions, values, skills and knowledge of world-ready digital learners who are compassionate, creative and ethical leaders, and active citizens.