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Prospective Primary 6 Pupils


Congratulations on your PSLE results! 

For all prospective primary 6 pupils who are interested in coming down to Riverside Secondary School but missed our Open House, we are delighted to inform you that we will have an Information Booth, manned by our very own student leaders, that will be opened from 1-5pm on Thursday, 21st Nov and 9am-5pm on Friday, 22nd November.


earn more of the school experience from our Riverside students.


Snippets of our 2019 Open House events


Check out more of our Open House photos from the Photo Gallery.
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Questionaire for Parents


Suggested Replies





Dear Sir/ Mdm, In 2018, our aggregate range of 2018 PSLE students posted to 2019 Sec 1 are as follows:

Express: 234 – 252

Normal Academic: 182 – 199

Normal Technical: 139 – 157


However, we would very gently point out that these can change from year to year. Meeting the previous year’s minimum aggregate does not guarantee admission to the school. The current year’s minimum aggregate may vary and depends on the demand pattern and cohort size





-         Will there still be streams?

-         What will happen to my child?

Riverside Secondary School is one of the 28 schools to pilot Full Subject-based banding. Full SBB is something that all secondary schools will experience in 2024.


Next year, our secondary one students will not be segregated into three different streams but rather, Normal stream students will be able to pursue subjects at the level of challenge that is more suited to them. All form classes will have a good mix of different students but academic rigour remains with students being grouped according to their calibre in a specific subject.


E.G. A “Normal Stream” student who is strong in Math might be in a G3 class for Math but may need additional support in his Mother Tongue and is therefore in a G2 class for Mother Tongue.



ALP – Global Citizenship Education through Critical Social Inquiry


Our ALP seeks to prepare students for the ever-changing global landscape. Classroom subject mastery is foundational; students must be able to use the knowledge that they have learnt in the different subjects and combine that with soft skills life critical thinking, problem solving, being empathetic, taking different perspectives; in order to meet the challenges of the future.


LLP – Arts For Life


Humans are not meant to just work or be productive. Therefore, want to nurture, in our students, a deep seated joy and appreciation of the life and beauty that is around them. This programme seeks to build an appreciation of culture and the aesthetics in all of our students.





Our Open House was on the 9th of November. However, we are delighted to let you know that should you be interested to come down to the school, we have student councillors who will be available to take you on a short tour of our school as well as to interact with you to help you learn more about school life at Riverside. We also have QR codes at various locations for you to scan and learn about these places of interest.