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Riverside Model United Nations

As an extension of our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) which focuses on Global Citizenship Education thru’ Critical Social Inquiry, Riverside is proud to host our very first Riverside Model United Nations in 2020.

Model UN is an educational simulation where students assume the role of a representative of a country and discuss about a set topic in their capacity as a delegate, which are determined using the 17 UN sustainable development goals. Keeping in mind the stance of their assigned country, students will need to come up with resolutions to resolve the issue in their capacity as world leaders responsible to their citizens.

Through the conference, students will not only get to practice public speaking, debating and writing skills, but also hone their critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities. Model UN will instil in students values, attitudes and behaviours that support responsible global citizenship. Through the discussion, students will establish a commitment to understanding the processes of continually changing social and cultural formations and its implications.

Hinged on our E3 framework, students participating in Model UN are provided with opportunities to Explore meaningful learning making them Empathetic to the social causes and Empowered to be the change they aspire to see.

Click  here for Riverside Model United Nation 2020 Prospectus. 

Click here for Riverside Model United Nation 2020 Rules of Procedure.