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Riverside Alumni

Once a Riversidian, Always a Riversidian

Vision: To forge links and engage Riversidians in contributing towards school excellence.

Mission: United Riversidians with the passion to serve the community


In 2006, the school started its recruitment drive to encourage graduating students to sign up as alumni to stay connected.  Form Teacher period and graduation ceremony were 2 of the platforms used to promote the recruitment drive.  The school also started to actively involve ex-students by inviting them to some major school events such as Sports Carnival, Teachers’ Day and Speech Day, etc.  Ex-student leaders from as early as 2004 batches were linked up to convey the school’s intent to set up an RS Alumni Executive Committee (EXCO).

On 8 June 2007, the school leaders held its first meeting with the selected alumni.  The first RS alumni executive committee was formalised in 2007 with 7 committee members.  Together with the school leaders, the committee underwent an envisioning exercise and came up with the alumni’s vision (United Riversidians with the passion for serving the community) and mission (To forge links and engage Riversidians in contributing towards school excellence).  They also crafted out four core functions of the committee (Communication, Special Projects, Cultivate Relationships and Partnerships).  Since then, the committee holds a half-yearly meeting to plan and organise activities in conjunction with the school’s events. Yearly, recruitment drive includes awareness publicity to the graduation students.

In 2010, Riverside Secondary School Alumni (RSAlumni) Facebook webpage was created. Till today, it is still being used as a platform for announcement, communication, recruitment and invitations.

To Sign Up

For ex-students who are interested to sign up and be connected, do log into your Facebook account and start searching for our webpage.  Send us the request and upon acceptance, your journey with your alma mater shall begin.


Heartiest congratulations to our ex-students who has done well!

We are so proud of you!