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Values in Action (VIA)


Values-in-Action Goals

  • To enhance a sense of community identity through a comprehensively structured VIA programme
  • To allow students be aware of their role in the community
  • To influence students to make the choice to volunteer
  • To benefit the community through positive partnerships

At Riverside Secondary School, Values-in-Action (VIA) is an integral part of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). It aims to develop students to become socially responsible citizens and foster student ownership to contribute to the community through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills.

Our students take the lead to plan and carry out various meaningful VIA activities to reach out to their community. Any student or teacher can initiate a VIA activity which benefits specific groups of people or the community at large. All classes are encouraged to organise VIA projects at their class level or within (or across) their CCAs.

Various level - VIA programmes that reached out to the different groups of the community.

Various CCAs organising meaningful and interactive VIA programmes.

R3 (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) Day is an annual school-wide community outreach recycling effort to do our part for the environment. All students and staff, together with alumni and parents, work together and collect recyclable items from the Woodlands neighbourhood. The items that are collected are then recycled and the proceeds are donated to a charitable cause.

Working together as a class to sort the recyclable items.

Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) believes in our students’ abilities to make the world a better place for all. The values they pick up, such as learning to be inclusive and empathising with others, will aid them in becoming advocates of volunteerism and active citizenry.

Our school also promotes volunteerism by encouraging students to volunteer beyond school during their own time to reach out to the community and spread the spirit of volunteerism among peers.

Students volunteering their time and services to the community during their own time