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Student Leadership Development

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At Riverside Secondary School (RSS), we believe that to discipline is to care. Student management at Riverside takes on a whole-school approach towards developing self-disciplined students so that a conducive environment for teaching and learning can take place.

The Student Leadership committee aims to develop character and the ability to lead in all our students. All leadership training activities are designed to develop the appointed student leaders in their skills of management, communication, leadership traits using the five levels of leadership, and the Kouzes and Posner’s model. Thereafter, each student leader will reflect upon their own journey and lead others in their respective class, CCA or student group.

The Student Leadership Development Framework anchors on the 4Cs and 4Es. A well-rounded student leader should display the following qualities:

  • Competent with an Edge – Leaders must provide vision and direction; organize, delegate and plan for the future; be innovative and solutions-oriented to meet challenges.
  • Commitment through Energy – Demonstrate responsibility and commitment to tasks undertaken; serve with a willing heart and always stay ahead of the students in leading.
  • Connect to Energise – Maintain a positive and close relationship with peers to enthuse and engage them. At the same time, be sensitive to sentiments and communicate effectively.
  • Character in Execution – Be trustworthy and reliable when performing tasks. Show respect and humility in all occasions. More importantly, be a willing doer and learner.

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Every student is given many opportunities during his/her stint at RSS to develop their leadership qualities and abilities.

From the beginning of the year, the selected RSS student leaders form the Orientation Camp Main Committee which spearheads the two-day Secondary One Orientation Camp programme together with the Orientation Group Leaders whereby all Secondary One students learn about the school culture, RS Dance and various aspects of team-building. Similarly, the Secondary Two Leadership Camp and Secondary Three Adventure Camp focuses on building up the leadership and resilience aspects as a student leader.

In order to enhance leadership skillsets of the different student leaders, different leadership training are conducted to help them level up. The in-house class committee and subject representatives training aligns the expectations and responsibilities of the role with the newly appointed student leaders. The level 4 and 5 leadership training aims to enhance their leadership perspectives and their ability to lead a larger body of students. The Design Thinking workshop puts student leaders through the perspectives of the user when problem-solving. The Student Leaders’ trek trains their endurance and resilience in the physical and mental aspects. Selected student leaders also participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences to expose themselves to current affairs and international politics.

There are many platforms and opportunities for our student leaders to showcase their leadership skills and experience. One way is to drive the learning and development of junior student leaders of tomorrow. Primary 4 and 5 prefects from various neighbouring primary schools attended the annual ‘Primary School Prefects Training Workshop’. The student councillors conducted a segment titled ‘Transition to Secondary School Life’, whereby they touched on the importance of time management, organisation and goal setting as the prefects look to make the next step in their education journey. The prefects also took part in team-building station games that are specially crafted to facilitate the mastery of important leadership skills such as communication, adaptability, decision making, planning, listening and analysis by making meaningful connections between what they learn and how to apply them in real life.

The student councillors and CCE Champs also collectively came up with interesting activities to reach out to the families living in the rental flats in the Woodlands community through partnering North West CDC in the Care and Repair programme. Residents were seen to be enjoying themselves at the game booths and mini craft workshops while learning the importance of the environment.

Back in school, student councillors organised the Teachers’ Day Celebrations which allows students to appreciate their teachers for their contributions to the school and celebrate the occasion with the whole school. Sports Leaders organised the Sports Carnival where every student and teacher participates in sporting activities as a class. CCE Champs led in activities that raised awareness of racial ties during Racial Harmony Day.

The annual Student Leaders Investiture recognises the dedication and contributions of the student leaders who are committed to serve the school and the student population to the best of their ability, which is an epitome of the school’s motto, “My Best and More”. The motto of the student leaders at Riverside Secondary School, “With Honour to Lead; A Duty to Serve” was echoed in the message of the President of 17th Student Council, Shreenidhi of class 3/7, who led her fellow student leaders in a Student Leaders’ oath.

Leadership Development Activities

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The following activities were designed to train appointed student leaders in skills of management, communication, leadership, mentoring and delegation traits:


  • Character and Citizenship Education lessons related to leadership
  • Class Committee and Subject Representatives Training
  • Level 4 and 5 Student Leaders’ Leadership Workshops
  • Combined Student Leaders’ Training
  • Combined Uniform Groups Camp
  • Design Thinking Workshop


  • National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)
  • Student Leaders Investiture and Outreach
  • Student Leaders Trek
  • Student Leader's Focussed Group Discussion cum Retreat
  • School events: Secondary One Orientation Camp / Teachers’ Day Celebrations / National Day / Sports Carnival / Speech & Prize-giving Day / School Open House

External events

Other than school events and activities, student leaders are sent to various leadership activities organised by external parties such as

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic Student Leaders Conference
  • Youth Leadership Camp by Republic Polytechnic
  • North West CDC Young Leader's Committee
  • United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations (UNASMUN) Preparatory Conference

All these activities allow our student leaders to interact student leaders of other schools. The exposure and exchange of knowledge broadens their horizon and provides opportunities for learning.

Partnership Involvement

N5 Cluster Primary Schools

During the first week of June holidays every year, primary school prefects from various neighbouring primary schools participated in the leadership skill training planned and organised by our Student Councillors. All primary schools have given positive feedback and have committed to continue the partnership next year.

Woodlands People's Community Foundation (PCF)

In addition, Riverside has broaden our Values-In-Action cooperation with Woodlands People's Community Foundation (PCF) to mentor kindergarten children and assist those under the Financial Assistance Scheme.

North West CDC

Riverside has also worked with North West CDC annually under the Care and Repair programme. Student leaders have organised activities that promote community bonding and social awareness for the less fortunate households in the Woodlands community. These activities have brought much joy and engagement with the neighbours.