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Character and Citizenship Education


At the core of our CCE framework is the focus on the inculcation of the school’s core values, RSp²Irit (Passion, Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity and Team spirit in every individual), national education messages and the development of social-emotional competencies.

The character development programme focuses on the social-emotional and moral development of students, nurturing Riversidians to be individuals with good character and values. The national education programme seeks to instill Riversidians with a sense of rootedness to Singapore and develop them to be concerned citizens.

CCE is integrated across curricular and co-curricular programmes such as instructional programmes (subject teaching), co-curricular activities (CCA), values-in-action programmes, NE commemorative events, student leadership programme, form teacher interaction and level-wide programmes.

CCE Programmes @ Riverside

CCE lessons are conducted weekly by two teachers. These lessons cover a scope of values-based lessons and guidance modules on cyberwellness, sexuality education, and education and career guidance. To facilitate open and collaborative sharing among peers on topics of social issues, relational circle is used as a tool during CCE lessons. It encourages students to develop feelings of empathy with other members of the class and allow everyone to have an opportunity to share.


Students discussing on social issues and presenting during CCE lessons.

Form Teacher (FT) periods provide the platform for the form teachers to have a one-to-one dialogue session with every student in their class.  This aims to build up a positive teacher-student relationship and create a more meaningful and engaging learning experience for every student. Students get to know one another through the relational circle formed in classrooms as they build their understanding of self and others.

Conducting relational circles among students & FT.png
Conducting relational circles during Form Teacher (FT) periods.

NE commemorative days (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day Celebrations) provide opportunities for the students to reflect on Singapore journey to nationhood and to appreciate and uphold peace and prosperity in Singapore. Students participate in variegated activities to commemorate the sense of togetherness.

Various commemorative events at Riverside

CCE Chronicles act as a bridge between the global issues of our world and the classroom. Teachers facilitate the discourse among students about the ever growing complexities surrounding local and international concerns with greater relevance to their own lives. Students gain deeper perspectives of the world that they live in.

CCE Chronicles are used to facilitate discussion on local and global issues in class.

'CCE through the Arts' is an interclass competition where students demonstrate their understanding of CCE themes and school values through song, dance or drama.

Sec 1s performing dikir barat to illustrate their school experiences at Riverside.

OMMS (One Motivational Morning inSpiration) takes place during morning assembly where staff and students take the stage to share about their personal experiences relating to values like resilience, gratitude, compassion and integrity, and inspire the school population through their sharing.

Students sharing about their personal experiences during daily morning assembly.