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Principles of Accounts

Unit Vision

A passionate lifelong learner ready to face future challenges.

Mission Statement

To engage and enrich students with a business based education and equip them with the essential 21st-century competencies.

Instructional Programmes

The POA Unit in Riverside Secondary School offers the following elective subjects at upper secondary level:

  • 'O' Level Principles of Accounts Syllabus (7175)
  • 'N' Level Principles of Accounts Syllabus (7088)

Principles of Accounts

The subject Principles of Accounts (POA) is offered as an elective subject for the Express and Normal (Academic) courses. Students offering POA are introduced to the principles and concepts of accounting and their applications in a variety of business situations. They will acquire basic knowledge in double entry and develop their ability to prepare, present and analyse financial statements.


POA concepts are taught through a repertoire of pedagogies such as game-based learning, habits of minds (questioning technique), differentiated instructional strategies and flipped classroom. Accounting jeopardy and pop quizzes are conducted in class to engage students in their learning. Flipped classroom is adopted to promote self-directed learning whereby students watch customised animated videos to build their conceptual knowledge and thereafter attempt online quiz to assess their understanding of the POA concepts.

Enrichment Activities

We believe in enriching our students’ minds and engaging their hearts by extending learning beyond the formal curriculum. Highlights of the various enrichment activities that our students have taken part in:

Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) Race

FLY Race is an inter-secondary school competition organised by Republic Polytechnic. It aims to introduce financial literacy concepts to students, in the areas of money basics, borrowing, investing and resources protection. Through games and quizzes, participants will race to clear various stations around Republic Polytechnic.


Our winning team which comprises of students from Class 3/7 (2016)

Participants of FLY Race 2016.jpg
Participants of FLY Race 2016

Accounting Maze

Accounting Maze is an annual accounting competition organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. It provides our POA students with an opportunity to pit their Principles of Accounts knowledge in a competitive environment against students in other schools. Our students participated in a series of fun and interactive activities and applied their accounting knowledge learnt in school to progress through the various game stations around Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Participants of Accounting Maze 2016.jpg
Participants of Accounting Maze 2016

Students all ready for the race.jpg
Students all ready for the race

POA Discovery Session

POA Discovery Session is conducted for the Sec 2 classes every year. It aims to provide the students an opportunity to discover the nature of the subject. Students learnt about the usefulness of studying accounting and had a practical hands-on session on trying out simple POA questions.

MRSLIM~1.JPGMrs Lim shared about the nature of the subject
Miss Chua conducted a mini POA lesson.jpg
Miss Chua conducted a mini POA lesson