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Music / Art

Unit Vision

Arts for Everyone

Unit Mission

To provide opportunities and nurture appreciation for the Arts

Unit Programme

At Riverside Secondary School, our Lower Secondary students undergo the General Music Programme, which aims to develop their understanding and appreciation of the arts through engaging directly with Music.
Our students will learn the keyboard, guitar and some percussion instruments over their two years of Music education and work together to put up performances both in class and for school events.

Students learning and practicing their parts before performing the song as a class…

Students learning song before performing in class.jpg
Students play guitar.jpgStudents play piano.jpg

Students play instruments.jpg

Students performing at the annual Teachers’ Day concert…

Students performing at Annual Teachers Day Concert (1).jpg
Students performing at Annual Teachers Day Concert (2).jpg
We have witnessed our students discovering not just their musical abilities but a whole new level of confidence and the ability to work collaboratively as they grow in their respect for various music cultures as well as the peers they learn and work with.

We are proud to see our students discover and pursue their musical interests with the support of the Music Programme here at Riverside.

Art Programme

At lower secondary, students will learn the fundamentals of Art in a fun-loving manner and lessons are conducted to encourage experimentation and creative development of visual images, rather than focusing solely on the end-products. Students are given the opportunities to express their ideas through different art forms such as drawing, painting, printmaking, digital and 3D assemblage sculpture.

The Upper Secondary Art students are taught and exposed to exploratory forms of art making through the use of dyed bubbles, staining papers, printmaking, digital media such as photography and image editing techniques. They also attend Learning Journeys to museums and enrichment workshops in different art forms such as oil painting so as to increase their exposure to the Arts and to provide them with the opportunity to learn from artists.

Through the above programmes and activities, our students are further enriched and equipped with wider knowledge and skills for the coursework in the national exams. We respect individual expression, therefore we do not exactly one form of art for all.

Powerpoint Art for and by Secondary 2

Melvin 2-1.jpgMelvin 2/1 Iffa Aquilah 2-4.jpgIffa Aquilah 2/4
Cherish 2_6.jpgCherish 2/6
Jing Xian 2-7.jpgJing Xian 2/7
Zi Zhong 2-5.jpgZi Zhong 2/5

Students engaged in copper tooling art.


The Vibrancy of Oil Acrylic Painting

Jasmine 2-7.jpgJasmine 2/7
Paula 2-5.jpgPaula 2/5
Kimberly 2-6.jpgKimberly 2/6
Roshini 2-1.jpgRoshini 2/1
Hajara Parveen 2-4.jpgHajara Parveen 2/4

The Vibrancy of Oil Acrylic Painting

Kayla 4-2.jpgKayla 4/2 Skating.jpg

Drypoint Printmaking Art

Drypoint Print Art (1).jpg Drypoint Print Art (2).jpg
Drypoint Print Art (3) - Shazrul 4-5.jpg
Shazrul 4/5
Drypoint Print Art (4).jpg

Digital Art Expression

Digital Art Expression.jpg
 Muhammad Aidil 4/2       Muhammad Nur
      Syafiq 4/2
 Muhammad Nur
 Syafiq 4/2

Silkscreen printmaking

Nur Syafiqah 4-2.jpgNur Syafiqah 4/2 Kayla 4-2.jpgKayla 4/2