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Mother Tongue Languages

MTL Department

Department Vision

For every Riversidian to take pride of their culture and develop a keen sense of belonging to Singapore through the study of their Mother Tongue.

Mission Statement

To create a positive teaching & learning environment for Mother Tongue languages.

Mother Tongue Languages Programme Highlights

  • Enrichment Module for Sec 1 to Sec 3 students
  • Reading programs for Sec 3-5 students

Festive Celebration and Enrichment Programmes

  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Classroom Decoration Competition
  • Hari Raya Celebration
  • Deepavali Celebration
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

Students taking part in BBC Challenge.jpg

Students taking part in BBC Challenge
Visual Literacy Post-Exam Act.jpg

Visual Literacy Post-Examination Activity
The Strait Times Media Workshop.jpg

The Strait Times Media Workshop
Comic Strip Design Competition.jpg

Comic Strip Design Competition
Crossword Puzzle Challenge.jpg

Crossword Puzzle Challenge
Julia Grabriels Debating Competition.jpg

Julia Grabriel's Debate Competition

Chinese Orchestra.png Indian Dance Performance.jpg Chinese New Year Celebration.jpg
Distribute wealth and luck by God of Fortune.jpg CNYCLA~1.JPG CNY Ying.jpg
CNY Hanging.jpg Deeparaya Celebration 1.jpg Deeparaya Celebration 2.jpg
Collage of Harmony post-exam activity.jpg Pongal Festival Celebration 1.jpg Discussion Groups.jpg
CNY Song Singing 1.jpg CNY Song Singing 2.jpg CNY Celebration.jpg
Students Performance.jpg Collage of Harmony post-exam fest.jpg Pongal Festival Celebration 2.jpg

MTL Fortnight Programme


Learning how to make 
Malay Bunga Rampai.jpg

Malay Bunga Rampai
Tamil Language Quiz.jpg

Tamil Language Quiz
Tamil Oyilattam Dance.jpg

Tamil Oyilattam Dance
Chinese Martial Art.jpg

Chinese Martial Art
Molding-Chinese Pottery Making.jpg

Chinese Pottery Making
Crafting-Chinese Pottery Making.jpg

Chinese Pottery Making



30th Tamil Literary Competition (1st & 3rd)

Tamil Video Making Competition (2nd)


2018 Tamil Short Story Writing Competition (1st & 3rd)

4PM National Malay Language Debate Competition 2018 (Champions)


North Zone Secondary Schools Chinese Speech Competition 2018 (Consolation Prize)


Chinese Poem Creative Writing Competition 2018 (Consolation Prize)

  • School-Based Inter-class Reading and Writing Competition
  • External competitions


Winners of Inter-Class Writing Competition (2014)

Short Story Competition at
N5 Cluster Level (1st & 2nd Prize)
Malay Traditional Game Competition 2015 (3rd Position)

28th Tamil Literacy Competition 2015
(1st & 2nd prize - Upper Sec, Merit - Lower Sec)


Tamil Festival Competition at
N5 Cluster Level (Overall Champion)