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Mathematics Department

Department Vision

Live Math, Love Math

Mission Statement

The Mathematics department aims to design and implement a challenging academic programme that Equips pupils with skills, Enriches their knowledge so that they can Excel in their lives.

Department Objectives

  • To help students develop abilities to reason logically, communicate mathematically and to learn cooperatively and independently.
  • To help students acquire the necessary mathematical knowledge and skills for everyday life and the continuous learning in related mathematical disciplines.
  • To grow students' appreciation of the importance and power of mathematics in the world around them.
  • To empower staff and motivate them to perform professionally

Instructional Programme

School-based Modular Curriculum in Mathematics

At Riverside, Mathematics is taught in modules that span the students’ academic years. In each module, students are introduced to specific mathematical concepts and the related skills. The teachers in Mathematics Department have created complementary and unique teaching packages that incorporate various pedagogies like having student-centered activities, catering to multiple-intelligences and reinforcing positive habits of the mind.

Programmes and Highlights

  • ICT-based lesson (use of various ICT tools such as iPad and GoogleDoc)
  • Internal mathematics quiz for Sec 1

Programmes for Academically Stronger students

  • Subject-based banding
    • Provision for NA  pupils to sit for O level Elementary Math Examination at Sec 4N
    • Provision for NT pupils to sit for N level Elementary Math Examination at Sec 4N
    • Provision of Additional Mathematics to NA pupils
  • Participation in internal and  external mathematics competitions

Programmes for Academically Weaker students

  • Bridging Programme for Secondary 1-3