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Homework Policy

Value of homework

Through homework, students practise the skills taught and process the information learnt, resulting in better understanding and retention of learning. Through homework assignments, they have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and nurture greater self-discipline, time management and a sense of independence. In the process, students cultivate good study habits and a positive work ethic.

Types of homework

Homework can take many different forms, some of which are expressed below:

  • Written: Assignments from workbooks, ten-year series and customised worksheets from lesson packages.
  • E-learning: Assignments made available on the school’s learning space which promotes self-directed learning.
  • Projects: Assignments that require group work and may be multi-disciplinary in nature.

Homework guidelines

The school seeks to ensure students’ well-being by not overloading them with homework assignments. We have worked out an estimated amount of time that students would spend to complete their homework assignments on a typical school day. This is just an estimate and some students may require less or more time, depending on individual learning needs and styles. The quality and quantity of homework is reviewed yearly.

Homework duration norms

Level / Day Lower Secondary Upper Secondary
School Term 2 hours per day and
9 – 12 hours weekly

2.5 hours per day and
12 – 15 hours weekly

On CCA days (Monday and Thursday), students will be given a minimum of 2 days to submit their assigned homework.

School Break
(March and September)
1 hour per day and 7 hours weekly

School Holidays
(June and December)
1.5 hours per day and 21 hours over a fortnight

Good homework practices for students

  • All homework and deadlines are written on the whiteboard in the classroom. Adopt the good practice of noting the submission dates down in your student organiser.
  • Select a conducive place to complete your homework like quiet spots at home or in school.
  • Avoid all possible distractions like the television, computer and handphones.
  • Manage your time well and complete homework according to the submission dates given.
  • Seek help and advice from teachers when you encounter difficulties or issues with your homework.

Partnership with parents

The school believes in the value of homework to help students consolidate their knowledge and skills as well as to cultivate lifelong habits of independent and self-directed learning. We seek the understanding, support and collaboration of parents as our partners in education to ensure that homework works for their children, i.e. our students. Parents are welcome to direct their enquiries on homework to the subject teachers directly or to the school at 6269 9631 or email riverside_ss@moe.edu.sg.