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Food & Consumer Education

Students proudly presenting their dishes after a practical examination.

Students learnt to plan and serve food for people of different ethnic groups.

The Food and Consumer Education (FCE) Unit takes an innovative approach to the teaching of Food and Consumer Education for the Lower Secondary students, and aims to make learning of the subject relevant, interesting and enjoyable for them.

In Riverside, lower secondary school students learn about FCE over two years – from secondary one to secondary two. This is to allow students to have more opportunities of experiencing and integrating what they have learnt in their daily lives.

Every FCE Lesson aims to develop in students a greater understanding of nutrition concepts, the links between diet and health and principles of food science. Students are given opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt in class through a variety of problem-based learning projects to make their learning more authentic.

Cake Preparation (1).jpg
Cake Preparation (2).jpg

Riverside’s FCE students focussing during a cake decorating workshop
to prepare for a cake-making competition organised by Assumption Pathway School.

Beyond the classroom, students are also given the chance to showcase and apply their skills and knowledge through various competitions organised. For example, in October 2018, our school participated in the APS Baking Competition organised by Assumption Pathway School. Our students garnered the consolation prize.

Students creating food using spherification and gelification techniques
at the Molecular Gastronomy workshop.

FCE students are also given the opportunity to attend various enrichment programmes. On 23 October 2018, a group of 40 students attended a Molecular Gastronomy Workshop organised by the Science Centre Singapore where they got to learn the different techniques in creating different types of food.

Students paying close attention during
a Mocktail Appreciation workshop.
Students created their own mocktails
during the workshop.

In 2018, students also got the opportunity to attend a Mocktail Appreciation workshop at Republic Polytechnic where they learnt about creating their own mocktails. It is through events like these that students gain greater awareness and appreciation of the various culinary skills and apply the various principles of food science.