Macau and Hong Kong Trip

In early November 2016, Riverside Secondary School embarked on a school trip to Macau and Hong Kong. This international excursion brought secondary three students overseas with the aim of expanding their exposure to the culture of the region as well as to have them interact with peers from a different country.hk1

The programme sought to set our students thinking about the many ways in which a nation can seek to develop. In Macau, students were brought to tourist sites such as the Macau Tower and The Venetian, to experience, first hand, how a city might anchor its development in tourism and entertainment. Hong Kong served as a mirror to Singapore, as students considered how trade and finance were vital to an economy, even whilst navigating the sensitivities of national sovereignty and governance.


Internationalisation also required our students to have meaningful interaction with their peers in Hong Kong, as such, the trip also included two school visits to Kwok Yat Wai College  (KYWC) in Tin Shui Wai as well as C.C.C. Ming Yin College (MYC) in Kowloon. Both visits were aimed at building and strengthing international partnerships of the school and also to provide our students with invaluable insight into the life of a student in Hong Kong. Students were immersed in the municipal heritage of each college and were also introduced to various local delicacies and treats.

Overall, the trip served to enhance our aims, here at Riverside Secondary School, of providing a value-driven education that is aimed at preparing our students to meet the challenges and vagaries of the globalised world.