R3 Day is an annual event held at Riverside Secondary School to nurture community volunteerism and active citizenship in our staff and students. This year, this VIA activity adopted a three-pronged approach to reach out to the Woodlands community: to collect recyclable items, to promote dengue prevention practices and to persuade residents’ to pledge their support for Singapore.

R3 (‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’) Day has the following objectives:

  • To bring out the spirit of sharing and contributing back to society;
  • To be aware that everyone has a role to play in the community;
  • To raise awareness of the need to conserve our environment; and
  • To raise funds for needy students.

During this annual exercise, students collected old newspapers, magazines and clothing from the Woodlands residents. Each class was assigned a few designated HDB blocks and collected the recyclable materials from each household. Ten students in each class were also given the responsibility to distribute leaflets to the residents two days before the actual event on Saturday, 18 May 2013, to alert them to the exercise and prepare their recyclable materials for collection.

The R3 Day initiative in Riverside Secondary School is in its twelve year in 2016.