Values in Action (VIA)

A) Riverside Secondary School Values-in-Action Framework

B) CCE Vision: A citizen of good character ready to face global challenges

C) CCE Student Outcome

  • Lower Secondary students who internalise RSp2Irit.
  • Upper Secondary students who exhibit RSp2Irit.

D) Values-in-Action goals

  1. To enhance a sense of community identity through a comprehensive structured VIA programme.
  2. To allow students see the relationship between community and themselves
  3. To influence students to make the choice to volunteer.
  4. To benefit the community through positive partnerships

E) Values-in-Action Learning Outcomes

Level / Stages Lower Secondary Upper Secondary
Domain School / Community Community / Nation / World
CCE Learning Outcomes
  • Acquire self-awareness and apply self-management skills to achieve personal well-being and effectiveness. (LO1)
  • Act with integrity and make responsible decisions that uphold moral principles. (LO2)
  • Take pride in our national identity, develop a sense of belonging to Singapore and be commitment to nation building. (LO5)
  • Value Singapore’s socio-cultural diversity and promote social cohesion and harmony. (LO6)
  • Acquire social awareness and apply interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships based on mutual respect. (LO3)
  • Be resilient and have the ability to turn to turn challenges to opportunities. (LO4)
  • Care for others and contribute actively to the progress of our community and nation. (LO7)
  • Reflect on and respond to community, national, and global issues, as an informed and responsible citizen. (LO8)
  • Describe that a caring person takes an interest in the well-being of the community.
  • Describe why it is important for continual improvement in one’s life.
  • Describe the meaning of empathy.
  • Describe how one’s actions can have a positive influence on others.
  • Describe ones’ roles and responsibilities in the context to Singapore in the globalised world.
  • Reflect how individual actions help to improve the nation/ world.
  • Reflect on the process of helping others
  • Exhibit the ability to take the initiative to help people in the community.
  • Exhibit the ability to consider the feelings of others.
  • Exhibit the ability to relate to others from different socio-cultural groups in a sensitive way.
  • Reflect how individual can contribute actively to the community/ nation/ world.
  • Reflect on what it takes to influence and guide others through student-initiated VIA


F) Values-in-Action activities

Class/ student initiated VIAOverseas VIA

School based VIA
  • Riverside Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ( R3 ) Day – fund raising for needy students through collection of newspaper in Woodlands neighbourhood.
  • Use your Hands Campaign – mass cleaning of classrooms
Level based VIA Theme:

I Care for my Surroundings


We Care for our Community


We Care for our Community


We Care for our Nation

CCA based VIA Activities organised by respective CCA groups to meet the needs of the community.
Class/ student initiated VIA Activities initiated by students to meet the needs of the community.
Overseas VIA Activities organised by participating secondary three students to meet the needs of the community.


Photo collage of school-based VIA activities.

A) Community partnerships

RiversideExperience@SMRT – volunteering during the opening of the temporary Woodlands bus interchange on 12 March 2016

Some of our students were involved in the opening of the temporary Woodlands bus interchange on 12 March 2016. They served as student ambassadors, guiding the commuters around the interchange and explaining some of the new features to the very important guests. Some of the new features included priority queue zones with seats located next to the boarding berths where seniors, pregnant women and people with disabilities can wait instead of queuing for the buses.