Sec 3 Adventure Camp

Kota Tinggi
22 – 24 January


Student Testimonies

Nur Syazana,Sec 3/2

Sec 3 Adventure Camp taught me the important values of being a leader. Some camp activities required leaders to delegate and share the responsibilities with other teammates. To be able to delegate, we need to learn to trust our classmates. We also need to understand our individual strengths so that we can work well as a class. Our ability to provide clear instructions was also tested during the camp. To get through all the challenges, we needed to summon all our positive energy as a class. Having a sense of humour definitely helped!


Ng Choon Yao, Sec 3/7

The Sec 3 students this year had the opportunity to experience the adventure camp in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. It was fun and meaningful as my classmates and I had the chance to know each other better. We are a new class and hence, the activities such as the campfire gave us the opportunity to work together and learn more about each other.


Raja Dayana Kaiyisha, Sec 3/5

During the camp, we tackled several high element activities; the Flying Fox was an exhilarating experience. Even though we were afraid, we were able to muster the courage to overcome our fear. Rock climbing was difficult but I persevered to climb to the top with the help of my friends who cheered me on. I may not have reached my targeted height, but I have no regrets that I attempted it!