Modern Dance

Mission & Vision:

To create a passionate dance community in Riverside.

To nurture confident and expressive dancers who shine on any stage.

CCA Activities

“We dance to express, not to impress.” 
The Modern Dance Club is a vibrant and exciting club that has done the school proud over the years. The club exposes members to different types of dance, with a focus on ballet technique. A 'total body' workout is incorporated in every practice session to build up the dancers' strength, stamina and flexibility. Students develop grace, good posture and discipline as part of the Modern Dance Club.


Since its inception, the club has performed well in the Singapore Youth Festival, winning awards with challenging pieces that exhibit our dancers’ technique and stage presence.

The club also aims to provide members with the opportunity to take part in public performances that build members’ confidence. Modern Dance has performed for the community’s National Day Celebrations Concert, as well as numerous school performances.

Representations & Achievements:


  • Singapore Youth festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Performed at SG50 Woodlands National Day Dinner



  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Distinction
  • Performed at the National Day Parade