Why Join Riverside Secondary School?

We desire to build “A Caring Community in a Challenging Learning Environment”. This community through care and discipline will offer a balanced, value-added education “to nurture all – rounded individuals of integrity and grace, ready to face global challenges” as stated in our school mission. The school expounds on this further by requiring each and every Riversidian to do `My Best and More’ through the five core values: Professionalism, Passion, Responsibility, Integrity & Teamwork, as embodied in the RSp2Irit . All this is encapsulated in the writing of the RS P2ACT which contains the five Strategic Thrusts of People, Partnership, Academic Programmes, Co–Curricular Programmes and the School Tone.

We seek to develop Riversidians holistically using the LAM2PS framework, in all 6 aspects of Leadership, Aesthetics appreciation, Mental agility in terms of creative and thinking skills, Moral astuteness, Physical fitness and healthy living and Social quotient with emphasis on racial harmony. Besides strong academic programmes, the school programmes are designed to deliver this.


National Education

The school takes a school-wide approach in her NE efforts, involving the school leaders, staff (both teaching and non-teaching), students and other stakeholders. Student leadership in NE was instituted in 2004 and the number of student leaders, known as the NE Champs, has grown to 76 members this year. They initiate and lead the student body in the school’s wide range of activities. In 2005, with the funding from the cluster, the NE Heritage Corner was built to display the ethnic items of the various races and religions. The Heritage Gallery, a five-storey staircase displaying Singapore’s history and the school’s history, was completed in 2006. Both areas are used for the conduct of NE enrichment activities for the students. For the school’s NE efforts, we were awarded the Development Award in NE in 2005 and Outstanding Development Award in 2006 and the Lee Kuan Yew National Education Award in 2007.


Character Development Programme

The Character Development Programme (CDP) seeks to fulfil its objectives of enabling the students to believe in their abilities, have care and concern for others, develop a spirit of volunteerism, internalise the values in the RSp2Irit and know and believe in Singapore. Strategies in this programme include weekly CD periods dealing with current issues involving self, family, school, nation and global. Level camps are conducted at the beginning of the year to bond the students, weekly form teacher time for one-on-one interaction between teacher and students, healthy lifestyle programme where staff and students participate in a variety of physical activities, community involvement that is differentiated for the different levels radiating from within ones’ school to the community. For the school’s CD efforts, we were awarded the Development Award in CD in 2008.


Dance & Music Curriculum

Making Dance Special! is a two-year dance curriculum for lower secondary students and aims to provide the expressive avenue for developing students’ creativity. It also seeks to enhance inter-cultural understanding among students as they learn and experience the traditional dance genres and styles of our local Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures. In addition to having fun, students would also gain a better understanding of the rigour involved in learning dance. Elements of dance and key dance concepts are introduced to students to further develop those with a keen interest and talent in dance.



Competent Staff

As competent teachers are the keys to the success of how well a school prepares its students for the knowledge-based economy, capacity development is essential. The school has a structured staff development programme catering to all levels of staff. There is a comprehensive induction and mentorship programme for contract, untrained and beginning teachers and EAS. Each new teaching or EAS staff is inducted into his or her role and mentored for a year by senior members of the staff. In view of the school’s effort in staff development, the school has been awarded the People Developer Standard in September 2006 & re-certified in June 2009.


Staff & Student Engagement and Ownership

There is constant involvement of staff and students on educational issues and the organisation has generated greater engagement of staff and students as their views and suggestions are directly translated into action plans for execution. The sense of ownership of the staff and students is increasingly visible.

By scoring the school highly on surveys measuring organisational engagement, staff and students have consistently affirmed what the school has been doing.  School culture and practices were also reaffirmed by MOE when the school was awarded the Lee Hsien Loong Award for Innovation in the Normal Course in 2012.  School Staff practices were also reaffirmed when the school was awarded the Work-Life Achievement Award in 2009 and again in 2012.  The culture of innovation and ownership in the school, along with programmes such as Campus Changemaker are just some of the factor contributing to a healthy environment of engagement and ownership for staff and students in Riverside.

To conclude, the school is a Top Value-Added school and has produced Top 5N and 4N pupils in Singapore. Some of the awards and recognitions that the school has obtained include our 2 nd Outstanding Development Award in National Education in 2007, the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification by SPRING Singapore in 2008, and our Staff Well-Being Best Practice Award and the School Distinction Award from MOE in 2009.  In 2010, we have received the Development Award for Character Development, as well as the Partners Award (Merit) for our work with stakeholders.  In 2012, we received our 3 rd Sustained Achievement Award (SAA) for Aesthetics, our 9 th SAA for Uniformed Groups, a Bronze Academic Value-Added Award and a Silver Award for CHERISH.  The school also received the Distinguished Defence Partner Award and the Work-Life Achiever Award for our commitment to Total Defence and our support for staff well-being and engagement.  The school was also awarded the Lee Hsien Loong Award for Innovations in Normal Course as affirmation for the high level of education and innovative engagement that the school provides for its students.