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The Science department aims to equip students with scientific knowledge and skills that are relevant and useful in their daily lives.

The approach to the teaching and learning of Science involves an inquiry-based learning that begins with a question. Students construct their own knowledge as they engage in a variety of experiences that provide them an opportunity to investigate solutions. This approach is captured in the three practices of the revised Science Curriculum Framework:

a.      Demonstrating Ways of Thinking and Doing in Science (WOTD);
b.      Understanding the Nature of Scientific Knowledge (NOS); and
c.      Relating Science, Technology, Society and Environment (STSE).

Key Programmes

Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I)
Students work collaboratively to solve a case by applying scientific and mathematical concepts.
Sustainability Activities
To shift towards more sustainable lifestyles, students created their own bioplastics and electroplated their unwanted metal objects with copper using electrolysis, and upcycled them into more attractive accessories.
Selected students participate in various competitions such as Elementz Science Project Competition and Science Olympiad Competitions to deepen their understanding in Science.