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Mother Tongue Languages

The Mother Tongue Languages department aims to instil in our students a sense of pride in their unique culture, strengthen values and develop a strong sense of belonging to Singapore through the study of their Mother Tongue.

The approach to the teaching and learning of Mother Tongue Languages involves:
1.      adopting a variety of pedagogies to engage and excite students;
2.      providing enrichment modules for extensive and deepening of learning; and
3.      communicating standardized assessment criteria and providing meaningful feedback to improve 

         students' learning experiences           

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Week
Throughout the week, students engage in various enrichment programmes that aim to deepen their knowledge of their own language and culture. Students immerse themselves in the various traditional art forms through experiential learning.
Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) OMMS
This fortnightly programme provides a platform for students to share cultural knowledge and sound values with the whole school. Students present in their respective mother tongue languages.