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The Mathematics department aims to deepen our students’ passion and to develop a positive attitude towards the subject. We provide them the experience of making learning relevant to “Live Maths, Love Maths”.          

The approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics involves:
1.      Learning concepts through the use of manipulatives, peer-to-peer collaborations and mathematical 

2.      Developing process and using Polya's four-step method to solve problems; and
3.      Inculcating positive attitudes, confidence and appreciation towards mathematics              

Key Programmes

Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.)
Students work collaboratively to solve a case by applying scientific and mathematical concepts.
Math Trail
Students actively demonstrate skills such as reasoning, analysis, data collection and making connections to better appreciate mathematics and hone their thinking, listening and communication skills.
Selected students participate in the Mathematics Olympiad and Normal Course Mathematics Competition.