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English Language and Literature

The English Language and Literature Department aims to nurture discerning readers and convincing communicators who appreciate the literary arts.        

The approach to the teaching and learning of English Language and Literature involves:
1.      Contextualising a wide variety of rich texts in an integrated, process-oriented and spiral-progressive 

2.      Adopting active learning processes that allow for learning-focused interaction in the classroom; and
3.      Communicating assessment criteria and providing meaningful feedback to improve students' learning 


Key Programmes 

English Language and Literature Experience (ELLE)
This week-long programme provides students opportunites to experience language outside of the classroom context, as they participate in a series of fun language and literature-focused activities.
National Schools Literature Festival (NSLF)
We participate in the yearly NSLF to provide students with the platform to engage with the literature texts they are studying in multimodal ways.