School Rules

Our core belief: To discipline is to care

In Riverside Secondary, to discipline is to care. The school adopts a whole-school approach towards developing self-disciplined students so that we can have an environment conducive for teaching and learning to take place. The school also believes in having a close partnership with both parents and the community to support the holistic development of our students.

1.     National Anthem, Pledge and School Song

Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart. Foreign students are to observe silence and respect the proceedings. This is a demonstration of loyalty and/or respect for our country.

Students must sing the school song at assembly and school functions. This is a demonstration of our pride and commitment to the school.

2.    Attendance and Punctuality

Students are expected to exercise responsibility towards their learning.  Regular and punctual attendance will minimise disruptions and also demonstrate their commitment to develop their own learning.

  • Students must scan in their attendance and be present in the school hall or parade square by 7.25 am. The morning assembly will begin at 7.30 am promptly.
  • Students must attend all school activities including the flag raising ceremony, CCA and official school functions.  Students who are absent must produce medical certificates or relevant official documents to verify their absence.


During school hours


are expected to:

School assembly

  • Get into their class positions quickly.
  • Respond to the greetings of key personnel
    and school leaders.

Start of the lesson

  • Paying respect to the teacher by standing
    and greeting.
  • Adopt the appropriate attitude and be ready
    for the lesson.

During the lesson

  • Seek assistance from the teacher by raising
    their hands.
  • Seek permission from the subject teacher
    and obtain a pass if they need to go to the restroom. (Students are advised not
    to go to the restrooms during the last ten minutes of each period.)
  • Respond appropriately, such as keeping
    quiet and returning to their seats, when the teacher signals for their

End of the lesson

  • Stand and thank the teacher.

During recess

  • Leave the classroom. No students can remain
    unless accompanied by their teacher. (Students on class duty should clean
    their classrooms within the first 10 minutes of recess.)

Movement of students
to and from the classroom

  • Move briskly in two lines to the next venue
    as a class.
  • Keep to the left when using the staircase.

Leaving school early

  •  Inform the subject/form teacher of their
    intention to leave the school early and report to the General Office with the
    permission slip.
  • Seek approval from the school authority.
  • Leave the school premises after completing
    the necessary administrative procedures.

In the canteen

  • Purchase food and drink in an orderly
    manner for individual consumption only. (Students are discouraged from
    placing orders for others.)
  • Consume food and drinks within the canteen
  • Return used utensils and cutlery to their
    proper receptacles.


3.    Attire and Grooming

Students are ambassadors of the school.  It is the responsibility of each individual to portray the professional image and be proud to uphold the good image of the school.  As a Riversidian, he/she must always walk with pride and dignity.

Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform; modifications to the uniform are not allowed. (Refer to page 27 for approved attire)




  • The hairstyle should be neat; the hair
    should be properly combed and/or tied up.
  • The hair must not cover the eyes; no hair
    extensions are allowed.
  • No coloured or dyed hair is allowed.


  • Shoulder length hair (or longer)) must be
  • Fringes should be neatly pinned up and not
    cover the eyebrows.
  • Only black/blue plain hair scrunches or
    clips can be used.


  • Short hair for boys (not touching the
    collar and not covering the ear).
  • No sideburns are allowed.
  • No outlandish hairstyles and shaved heads are



  • Buttoned at all times.
  •  Sleeves should not be rolled up
  • Should not be oversized
  • No PE t-shirt, class t-shirt or any other t-shirt
    is to be worn with the shirt / blouse.


P.E. t-shirt

  • The t-shirt must be worn as it is, without



  • Skirt length must touch the top of the knee
  • Skirts should not be folded at the waist
  • No alterations can be made to the sides of
    the skirt.


Shorts / Pants

  • No tight shorts / tapered pants
  • No alterations can be made to the sides of
    the shorts/pants




  • No rings, necklaces, bracelets, bands and
    nose-studs or nose rings.
  • No other accessories are allowed.


  • Only one pair of small ear studs. The size
    must be smaller than 5mm in diameter. Only dull-coloured studs are allowed.


  • No earrings or ear studs. Boys are
    discouraged from piercing their ears.



  • Finger nails should be kept short.
  • No nail polish or nail varnish can be used.



  • Boys have to be clean shaven;
    beards and mustaches are forbidden.
  • All students are
    not allowed to wear make-up.



  • Sports shoes (with combinations of white/black/grey/blue
    colours) are allowed.
  • Only white socks must be worn. No ‘pom-pom’
    socks are allowed.
  • Sandals and slippers are not allowed within
    the school grounds at all times.



  • No tinted spectacles and coloured contact
    lenses are allowed.


Sweaters /pull-overs

  • Only plain white/black/grey/blue colours are


Tattoo/Body Art

  • No temporary tattoo/henna/body art is

Approved Attire

girls 1

Skirt must touch the top of the knee cap

boys 1

No tapered, tight or baggy pants allowed

new pe

PE attire to be tucked in neatly

side profile boy

Boys must sport short hair. The hair must not touch the collar or cover the ears.

side profile girl

Long hair should be tied up. The fringe should be neatly pinned up. Only black or blue hair accessories are allowed


  1. Only PE t-shirt is allowed during PE and dance lessons.
  2. Students are allowed to wear half-uniform throughout the day if there are dance and/or PE lessons on that day.
  3. Only for Fridays with healthy lifestyle periods, students are allowed to remain in PE attire/ Class t-shirt for the whole day.


4. Care for Environment

The school believes that every one of us is responsible for building a positive, safe and secure environment for teaching and learning to take place. Students are expected to exercise social responsibility and contribute to building a positive school setting for teaching and learning to take place.

The school believes that every one of us is responsible for building a positive, safe and secure environment for teaching and learning to take place. Students are expected to exercise social responsibility and contribute to building a positive school setting for teaching and learning to take place.

(a) Students must observe the rules on the proper use of all school facilities and equipment.

(b) Cleanliness of the compound and all venues must be maintained at all times.

(c) Food and flavoured drinks must only be consumed in the canteen.

(d) Students must return all used crockery and utensils to the bins provided by the stalls.



5. Care for Self and Others

The school aims to promote harmony and respect for one another. Students are expected to act and behave responsibly to promote a positive school tone.

(a) Students must show consideration for others at all times by keeping their noise levels down when they are at the study areas outside the classrooms.

(b) Students must settle disagreements maturely without the use of physical or verbal abuse.

(c) Students are not allowed to be in possession or use any of the following:

  • Chewing gum or bubble gum
  • Pornographic or undesirable materials
  • Lighters / Inflammable substances e.g. petrol, kerosene, gas cylinders
  • Cigarettes or any tobacco products
  • Inhalant substances and other hazardous materials which pose a potential danger to both school environment and property
  • Weapons eg knives, metal rods or any other items which may cause grievous hurt to others
  • Poker cards or other card types that promotes gambling.

(d) Students can only use their mobile phones at the canteen area to contact parents after curriculum hours (including after CCA and after school supplementary lessons or enrichment classes). Students are to exercise responsible use of mobile phones. (See details on point (e))

(e) Students are allowed to bring electronic gadgets (eg laptops and tablets) into school for learning purposes.

However, the following rules must be adhered to:

  • Such gadgets can only be used during lessons if approval is given by teachers.
  • Students are to be responsible for their electronic gadgets. When not used, these must be properly kept in the bags.
  • If students need to carry out research for learning purposes, they are allowed to use the electronic gadgets in the library only. These must be put on silent mode when switched on at permitted time and location, unless other instructions are given.



Internet Rules and Etiquette

These rules apply to all types of communication, posts or pictures on the Internet:

  • Uphold integrity in the use of the internet information. Do not break any copyright law.
  • Care for one another when using online platforms, eg social media, responsibly. Do not use the internet to post unsubstantiated, insensitive, insulting or hostile materials or information against anyone, including the school, teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Respect yourself and others by not using any form of vulgarities or expletives. This includes the suggestion of vulgarities or expletives, for example, writing the first letter of the word and replacing the rest of the letters with symbols or dashes.
  • Do not post or access materials with pornographic content.

Students who have infringed any of the above rules will be dealt with accordingly either by the school and/or by the relevant authorities.


6. Referral Procedure

The school believes in partnering parents and taking on a whole-school approach towards developing self-disciplined students.

school rules diagram


7. Taking Responsibility for One's Action

The school believes in developing each individual through continual reflection in their learning journey. Students are expected to take responsibility over their actions and to improve through reflection and corrective action.

The following can have an impact on the students’ conduct grades, which will in turn affect the nomination for MOE Edusave, EAGLES and Edusave Character Awards (see page 40 for details

Serious Offences


  • Truancy
  • Smoking
  • Forgery
  • Cheating
  • Defiance
  • Assault
    and fight
  • Theft
  • Bullying
  • Vandalism
  • Leaving
    school w/o permission
  • Use of vulgar language
  • Possession of weapons
  • Tattooing
  • Gambling
  • Extortion
  • Gangsterism
  • Pornography
  • Substance abuse

caning, suspension, expulsion

the offence affects another person’s safety and well-being, the case can be
referred to the police.



Other Offences


  • Skipping
  • Skipping
  • Late-coming
  • Non-adherence
    to school code of attire and grooming
  • Inappropriate
    use of handphone and/or electronic devices
  • Failure
    to return used crockery and/or utensils
  • Consumption
    of food and drinks at inappropriate places
  • Note that recalcitrant cases can be considered serious

detention, confiscation of items, community service actions, immediate
corrective actions (eg. Coloured hair to be sent back home for corrective
action immediately)



School Facilities

For Computer Laboratories and Resource Rooms

  • Do not enter or work in the laboratory unless a teacher is present.
  • Do not bring in or take out any form of storage devices (e.g. floppy disk, thumbdrive) from the laboratory unless permission is granted by teacher.
  • Do not save files onto or delete files from the hard disk.
  • Playing of computer games is NOT allowed.
  • Always work quietly and thoughtfully.
  • Do not wear dirty shoes or sweaty T-shirts in the laboratory.
  • Do not bring or consume food and drinks in the laboratory.
  • All bags are to be left at the specified side of the laboratory. You may bring in your writing material and files to do work
  • Never attempt to dismantle the different parts of the hardware.
  • Report any hardware fault immediately to the teacher or IT trainer.
  • Always switch off the computer system and printer after use.
  • Use ONLY the computer that you are assigned to. Students who do not observe this rule will be dealt with.
  • Teacher or IT trainer has the right to ask students who misbehave to leave the laboratory.
  • Print on both sides of the papers to save the trees.

For Science Laboratories

People should

  • read the labels on the container and handle all chemicals with care,
  • wear safety goggles when conducting experiments,
  • report any accidents, injuries, breakages and spillage to the teacher immediately,
  • point the test tube away from themselves and others, especially when heating,
  • wash used apparatus thoroughly and dispose chemical waste correctly.

People should not

  • enter the laboratory unless accompanied by a teacher,
  • conduct experiments without the supervision of any teacher,
  • place flammable substances near a naked flame,
  • remove any apparatus and/or chemicals out of the laboratory,
  • eat, drink or play in the laboratory.

Pupils are expected to abide by all other rules and regulations stipulated by the Science Department.