Humanities Department

The Humanities

Department Vision

Nurturing global citizens who embrace diversity


Mission Statement

We want to develop our students to become citizens of the world, who understand and appreciate diversity and global events.

Department Objectives

  • To engage our students with creative and meaningful lessons.
  • To inculcate a love for the Humanities in our students.
  • To impart knowledge and develop critical thinking skills in our students.

Department Pedagogies

  • Paul's Wheel of Reasoning
    Infused in the teaching of source based skills, these help students to understand sources and text better as it provide a structure that allows the teacher to scaffold the teaching of skills
  • Socratic Reasoning
    This is a set of questions teachers use in class to teach content as well as critical thinking. It focuses on giving students questions, not answers and model an inquiry, probing mind by continually probing into the subject with thinking questions
  • Inquiry based approach
    Using this approach, teachers start by posing questions, problems or scenarios and students formulate explanations of their finding through evaluating and analysing the data that they collect to confirm and deepen understanding of the subject content.