Riverside Secondary School Homework Policy

Objectives of homework

Homework is given to help students reinforce the knowledge, skills and concepts learnt in class and therefore a form of assessment for learning. It should be completed outside of curriculum time which the teacher will assess and review in class subsequently.


Types of homework

Homework can take many different forms, some of which are expressed below:

  1. Written: Assignments from workbooks and customised worksheets from lesson packages.
  2. E-learning: Assignments made available on the school’s learning management system or vendor-based online platforms which promote self-directed learning.
  3. Projects: Assignments that require group work and may be multi-disciplinary in nature
  4. Supplementary: Assignments from school-recommended assessment books e.g. grammar, vocabulary, 10-year series etc.


Homework guidelines

The Heads of Department lead their teachers in a yearly review of the quality of the homework set and ensures that homework assignments are manageable by the students.


Graduating students and students who are academically weaker may be assigned more homework to help close their learning gaps and to support students’ own self-revision. Where required, teachers will introduce appropriate intervention measures to help students close their learning gaps. Exercises given by teachers for students’ self-practice are optional and for them to reinforce learning at their own time.


Homework duration norms during school term:

  1. On the average, lower secondary students should spend 2 hours doing their homework daily and 9 – 12 hours weekly.
  2. On the average, upper secondary students should spend 2.5 hours doing their homework daily and 12 – 15 hours weekly.


Homework duration norms during school breaks:

  1. On the average during the March and September breaks, students should spend 1 hour doing their homework daily and 10 hours weekly.
  2. On the average during the June and December holidays, students should spend 1.5 hours doing their homework daily and 21 hours over a fortnight.


Information on homework:

  1. All homework and deadlines will be written on the whiteboard. Students should adopt the good practice of noting down in their student organiser.
  2. On CCA days (Monday, Thursday and Friday), students will be given a minimum of two days to submit their assigned homework.
  3. Homework will not be assigned during test and examination periods
  4. For projects and multiple pieces of homework assigned on the same day, teachers will advise students the priority of completion and suitable deadline(s).


Good homework practices for students:

  1. Refresh oneself before starting to do homework e.g. have a bath, take a power nap
  2. Select a conducive place to do homework e.g. quiet spot at home or in school
  3. Avoid all possible distractions e.g. television, computer and hand phones
  4. Do not procrastinate doing homework. Organise time well and complete according to the deadlines given.


Feedback on homework:

  1. Students are encouraged to seek help and advice from their teachers if they encounter difficulties or issues with their homework.
  2. Parents are welcome to direct their enquiries on homework to the subject teachers directly or to the school at 6269 9631 or email riverside_ss@moe.edu.sg.