Girls' Brigade

Mission & Vision

The Riverside Secondary School Girls’ Brigade’s (79th Company) vision and mission are to provide activities designed to help girls attain physical, mental and social, as well as encourage girls to apply what they learn through practical service to the home and community.

After going through 4-5 years in GB, a girl should display the following characteristics to a high degree given the many opportunities and learning experiences in GB:

Responsibility: Show to be reliable when entrusted with tasks and willingly care for others.
Self-Control: Have a self-disciplined spirit that is able to overcome emotion with logical reasoning.

CCA Activities

During the weekly meetings and in organised events, the girls are exposed to a variety of activities relating to their “Curriculum Badgework” according to the GB 4-fold program which entails Educational, Physical and Social development.

Education Badgework:

The girls learn to widen their interests, cultivate meaningful pursuits and improve on their knowledge and skills, through participating in activities such as basic first-aid workshops, creating & designing a patchwork, wood craft painting and bead craft-work, among other activities.

Physical Badgework:


During camps and outdoor activities, the girls get to engage in various physical activities including archery, rock-climbing, cheerleading, inline skating, dragon-boating, fencing, zumba, and basic self-defence. Besides developing their physique, the girls learn how to care for themselves and others. On top of that, teamwork and communication skills are enhanced through participating in these activities.

Social Badgework:

In the area of community service, our girls are given the opportunities to help to raise funds for the under-privileged by taking part in the GB Fortnight, Flag Day and Friendship Day organized by the GB Headquarters. In addition, our visits to homes give the girls a chance to plan activities for and interact with members of the community.

Developing Leadership Skills

Also, our girls are given opportunities to hone their leadership skills by organising activities for our own GB Company. Annually, the girls plan and execute the Secondary 1 Recruit Camp, a Heritage Trail for the entire Company and a Farewell Party for their graduating seniors, among other things.

Enriching Opportunities

Our girls have the opportunities to undergo drill training, attend character building and moral awareness sessions and partake in workshops on improving interpersonal and communication skills. Every year, selected girls will also be sent to participate in leadership training workshops and camps both at school and national levels. Girls with outstanding performance will have the chance to represent the school in the National Day Parade UG contingent and to compete at the National Drill competition organized by the GB Headquarters biennially.

Representations & Achievements:


  • Company Award - Gold Award ( Assessment year 2015)
  • Sustained Gold Award (Consecutive 5 Golds)
  • National Drill Competition 2016 - Silver Award



  • Company Award - Gold Award ( Assessment year 2014)
  •  Sustained Gold Award (Consecutive 5 Golds)
  •  LGT Challenge 2015 - Gold Award



  • Company Award - Gold Award ( Assessment year 2013)
  •  National Drill Competition 2014 - Silver Award
  •  Pioneer Brigader Brooch - SSGT Kee Ming Feng



  • Company Award - Gold Award ( Assessment year 2012)
  • National Community Quest 2013 - Silver Award