Infocomm Club

Mission & Vision:


Infocomm Club @ RS aims to :

  • encourage students to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings through the photographs that they have taken, which will in turn serve as a purposeful feedback to students in their learning,
  • nurture students’ social, family and school values through various activities and participation in national-wide competitions,
  • expand students’ observations skills, increase their ability to interact with people and providing new insights in viewing of the world,
  • cultivate students’ leadership capabilities and management of resources.

CCA Activities


Infocomm Club @ RS has been supporting the school in terms of photography and filming (pre and post production). In preparation for the dynamism and vibrancy of the Infocomm industry, the club plans and executes trainings that instil the necessary knowledge and skills, creating opportunities for members to learn from the experienced professionals, senior club members and alumni. The annual learning journeys provide platforms for members to view life in different perspectives, enhancing their character development.


Programme Outline

2. Programme Outline

Main Activities in 2016

  • Basic Photography & Video Filming Techniques Training
  • Portfolio Presentation
  • Storyboarding
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • N.E.mation! Competition
  • Singapore Digital Media Award (SDMA)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Sharing knowledge through Photography Workshop for Sec 1 cohort
  • Learning Journey to National Art Gallery
  • Enrichment Programme - Basic Terrarium Workshop


3. Club activities












7. Alumni

Representations & Achievements:


  • N.E.mation! Season 11 Competition
  • Awarded Top 40 teams
    • Danial Azri B Azlan
    • Chai Zhi Kang
    • Wong Hui Da, Charleston
    • Mohamed Aashiq
  • Awarded Top 100 teams
    • Siti Hawa Bte Mohammad S
    • Ho Lai Yee
    • Heng Xiao Wen
    • Dawn Ng Yun Wen


  • N.E.mation! Season 10 Competition
    • Awarded Top 100 teams
      • Lim Yong Jie, Esmond
      • Kaliyamoorthy Ranijth
      • Muhammad Isma’il B Daud Patel
      • Abinesh s/o Sathivelu
    • Awarded Top 100 teams
      • Zhou Shude
      • Chai Zhi Kang
      • Wong Hui Da, Charleston
  • Celebrating SG50 at Marina Bay Photo Competition 2015
    • Awarded Consolation Prize
      • Wong Hui Da, Charleston




  • N.E.mation! Season 9 Competition
    • Awarded top 40 teams
      • Lim Jia Xiang
      • Roselyn Goh
      • Tan Suan Khee
    • Awarded Top 40 teams
      • Esmond Lim
      • Kaliyamoorthy Ranjith
      • Muhammad Isma’il B Daud Patel



  • N.E.mation! Season 8 Competition
    • Awarded Top 40 teams
      • Emily Yee
      • Chan shu qing
      • Liu Yu Fei
      • Lim Jia Xiang
    • Awarded Top 100 teams
      • Roselyn Goh
      • Tan Suan Khee
      • Dela Cruz Jean Abigail B
      • Tiffany Tang (Art Club)
      • Poh Joanne (Art Club)
      • Oh Hui Lin (Art Club)
      • Nikita Freda Laurens (Art Club)
  • Network & Security Investigation (NSI) Competition
    • Awarded 1st runner up
      • Chester Pang
      • Tay Tanapong
      • Muniyandi Jaichandru