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Computer Applications

Computer Applications (CPA) Unit

Unit Vision

To nurture confident and discerning IT savvy individuals who are responsible for their life-long learning.

Mission Statement

To foster and develop individuals towards the frontier of IT knowledge for employability and self-fulfillment

Programme Highlights

Lower Secondary

Pupils undergo learning and assessment of fundamental concepts and skills through the following core modules

Computer Applications.jpg

Emphasis is also given to project work to allow the synthesis and application of the concepts taught. Pupils in Lower Secondary use software like Inkscape, Scratch, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint to practice their skills. While the curriculum emphasises on the building of skills by students, CPA unit will be infusing more self-directed learning and collaborative learning experiences into the curriculum.

The lower secondary e-book is available at this link.

Upper Secondary

In the new syllabus, students are involved in animation and game making with the use of animation software Scratch. Through the use of this software, the students are trained to think logically as programming is needed in animation and game making. In addition, students are also exposed to the advance feature of the Excel spreadsheet which equips students with advanced office skills that may benefit them in their higher education.

The upper secondary textbook is available at this link.