AV Crew (Offered as a 2nd CCA)

Teachers In-Charge:

Mr John Yap Mr Lim Ming Han Mr Haikal Yeo Mr Rizal Mr Russel Lim

CCA Sessions:

Assembly Programme Support
Week Day Time Venue
Monday 6.45 AM - 8.20 AM Hall & Other Venues
Tuesday 6.50 AM - 7.40 AM Parade Square
Wednesday Only when there are events scheduled
Thursday 6.50 AM - 7.40 AM Hall
Friday 6.50 AM - 7.40 AM Parade Square

Members of the AV crew roster themselves throughout the week to support the daily assembly programme.

Apart from the assembly programme, the AV crew supports various school events throughout the year.

Mission & Vision:

What IT takes to be a member of the AV crew?

R esponsible: You are responsible for handling big equipment.

I ntegrity: You make the right decision.

V ersatile: You can handle tricky situations.

E nergetic: You are always on the move.

R eliable: You can be counted upon to support school events.

S ociable: You can liaise with teachers and other student leaders.

I ndependent: You can work well without being told to.

D edicated: You are committed to give your best.

E ver-learning: You are always eager to learn new things.

CCA Activities

The AV crew plays an important role in many school events, including assembly programmes. We serve the school by providing audio-visual support for the events.

The AV crew undergoes on-the-job training when supporting school events. Lower secondary members learn how to operate different equipment, mentored by upper secondary AV Crew. Upper secondary AV Crew also learn how to provide support for events and manage their follow crew members during the events.

We learn to work as a team and everyone in the AV crew supports one another.

The AV Crew family, as of 15 August 2018.
The AV Crew family, as of 15 August 2018.

Joining AV Crew

AV Crew is a 2nd CCA. Interested students can approach any AV Crew teacher in-charge for more details.

Teacher Extension
Mr John Yap 202
Mr Lim Ming Han 208
Mr Haikal Yeo 210
Mr Rizal 212